Car Cloth

Item #: 305100
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In conjunction with our Car Wash Mitt, our Car Cloth gets your car sparkling clean with only water. The Car Cloth’s extremely fine fibres are tightly woven, which helps prevent the cloth from holding dirt that may scratch your vehicle, so it quickly dries and polishes your entire car, including windows, mirrors, glass, chrome and other smooth or shiny surfaces.

65cm x 50cm


Getting your car clean and shiny without scratching can be a challenge. In addition, many of today’s popular glass and window cleaners contain harmful chemicals, and using paper towels to clean just adds to the problem of overloaded landfills and deforestation.


The Car Cloth is designed to get your car’s windows and other surfaces clean and streak-free without scratching, using just water. No harmful chemicals are washed into storm drains and no paper towels are needed, which saves you money and means a healthier environment.