Kitchen Scrub Cloth

Item #: 307001
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Specially designed Norwex Microfibre woven with nylon easily tackles tough jobs like dirty pots and pans. Safe for all non-stick surfaces, it’s ideal for hard- to-clean areas that need a little extra scrubbing power.

35cm x 35cm 


Dried-on food and spills can be stubborn and hard to remove from benches, bakeware and a variety of surfaces. But chemical solvents are expensive as well as unhealthy for your family and the environment. With so many surfaces to clean, you need a cloth that can tackle stubborn grit without scratching, using only water.


Despite its name, the Kitchen Scrub Cloth is perfect for a variety of stubborn dirt throughout the house. It’s great in the kitchen for baked-on, dried-on food and works in the bathroom to help remove stubborn soap scum and grime that’s collected in corners and crevices.