Cleaning Paste

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Environmentally friendly super paste that cleans, polishes and protects chrome, stainless steel, porcelain and similar surfaces in one application. 

Cleaning Paste is an environmentally friendly paste that works with a damp EnviroCloth™ to clean, polish and protect chrome, stainless steel*, porcelain and similar surfaces in one application. Safe for use on coffee pots, glasses and most food-ware products. Works great on bathroom tubs and tile, too! Phosphate-free. Comes as a solid.



Your home is your sanctuary, but let’s face it: with the kids, the pets and everything else, it can get downright dirty sometimes. You need a cleanser that’s strong enough to tackle every one of your tough cleaning jobs, but something that’s also easy to use as well as easy on the environment.


Our Cleaning Paste is “elbow grease in a jar”! Use it for a variety of stubborn cleaning jobs around the home. Just a few dabs on an EnviroCloth™ or SpiriSponge can tackle even the most challenging tasks. No wonder it’s one of Norwex’s top sellers!